Friday, February 3, 2023

Flight from Britain to Prague

You can fly direct to Prague from all over Britain and Ireland, including from Bristol and Belfast, or from the likes of Dublin, Liverpool...

Church of St. Václav

The Church of St Václav was built in the pure style of an early Christian basilica and is one of the most significant Czech...

Prague’s 5 Best Romantic Place

Old Town Squire Near by Astronomic clock, it's stunning landmark and if you go early in the morning you can have beautiful photos without tourist...

Kafka Head Prague – David Cerny’s Art in Prague

The 42 mobile tiers of this eleven-metre-tall sculpture align to form the face of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka. This 39-ton bust by...

Prague’s Best 11 Art Nouveau Buildings

The emergence of Art Nouveau in the late 1890s, with its curvaceous sculptural decoration and floral motifs, had an enormous impact on the art...

Prague Solo Photoshoot

Prague is stunning city for travel and experience it, the best think is here you can hire a professional photographer to travel around hidden...

Nazım Hikmet and Prague

Nazım Hikmet was a Turkish poet and playwright who was active in the early 20th century. He is considered one of the greatest poets...

Strahov Monastery (Strahovský klášter)

There are two ticketed parts of the monastery: the gallery and the library. It contains thousands of volumes of philosophical, astronomical, mathematical, and historical...

Black Cats in Prague

There is a popular legend in Prague that says that black cats bring good luck to those who own them. The legend is believed...


Beautiful Prague at Corona Virus Time – Petrin Hill

Czech Republic is currently preparing to launch a smart quarantine system, while simultaneously also easing strict coronavirus prevention measures... While all those things are...

Tomb of the Stiassni family

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