The small castle of Lampelberg in the Ječmeniště wine region on the Czech-Austrian border was built in 1860 on the highest hill in the locality. It is from this place that you have the best view of the landscape. There is a round tower, under which there is a room for butchers and a former stable for horses.

All vineyards and former borderland, a place no one was allowed to go. That’s probably the most accurate description of the area. Lampelberg Castle is located on the highest hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding undulating countryside full of vineyards on both our and Austrian sides. According to the information board, it was built in 1860. It is from this place that you have the best view of the landscape and the massive terraces with vineyards. There is a round tower , under which there was a living room and a stable for horses.

Today, the castle is converted into a seasonal wine bar with refreshments. In the summer months, the company Eko Hnízdo offers wine tastings with the possibility of guided tasting .

How to get to Lampelberg? From Dyjákoviček, head towards the village of Hnízdo. After about one kilometer you turn right along the asphalt dirt road through the vineyards, at the end of which is the Lampelberg castle.


Lahofer winery
Nest 1
669 02 Vrbovec
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GPS: 48.773207 16.130125

Περιοχή: Περιοχή Νότιας Μοραβίας
Περιοχή: Znojmo and Podyjí
Συμβουλές για ένα ταξίδι: Vrbovec and surroundings

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