The museum is monumental functionalist building near Letná Park. The museum was founded in 1908, and for over a hundred years it has built an extensive collection documenting the development of many technical areas, natural and exact sciences and industry.

Unique collection items can be viewed in 14 different permanent exhibitions as well as temporary exhibitions.

Technical Museum Photo Gallery

Opening hours

    • Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
    • 09.00 – 18.00

Entrance fees for The NTM

  • basic 250 CZK
  • reduced 130 CZK
  • family 470 CZK

Railway Museum

The government of the Czech Republic passed on 15 November 2000 resolution no. 1147 on the construction of the Railway Museum as a division of the NTM. The NTM’s Railway Museum was thereby created, whereas the museum’s railway collection has been amassed since its inception. The main objective of the NTM’s Railway Museum is to document the history of the railways in the Czech Republic, and to professionally process, preserve and present to the public at large this history. The National Technical Museum was provided for this purpose the premises of the former locomotive depot at Masaryk Station in Prague where we are preparing the main exhibit spaces of the NTM’s Railway Museum.
Special thanks are owed to all individuals and organizations that assist us in caring for the cultural heritage of our railways. Without their support it would be impossible to maintain and expand one of the most valuable European railway collections.



As of 11. 3. 2020 until further notice all exhibition spaces are closed to the public, the extra programs are canceled. Because of the Corona Virus.

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