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Synagogue in Polná

The remarkable ghetto, founded after 1680, consists of 32 houses around two squares, between which is a synagogue from 1683. The oldest floral painting...

Jewish town of Třebíč synagogue

The back synagogue in Třebíč is part of the Jewish ghetto. Today it is used to organize exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities. A...

Jewish History in Prague

Prague has a long and rich history of Jewish culture and community. The first recorded Jewish presence in Prague dates back to the 10th...

Hartmanice Mountain Synagogue

The museum, which is located in the unique premises of a reconstructed mountain synagogue from the 19th century, the highest in Bohemia. It offers...

A higher principle – geolocation game in Příbram

Imagine that you are students of the sixth Příbram gymnasium. During the difficult time of the Second World War, the class group is closed,...

Slaný Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery is located about 750 m northeast of the main square in Slánská, on the slope between Lázeňská and Na Vinici streets....

Jewish cemetery in Mladá Boleslav

The Jewish cemetery is located on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav, in the area below the castle, on a slope by the old road...

Exhibition about the defunct Jewish community in Břeclav

A new permanent exhibition on the history of the local Jewish community was created in the Břeclav synagogue. It was one of the largest...

Memorial to the Jews in Černovice

The motivation for the creation of the memorial was an effort to cut through the oblivion that prevailed in society in relation to Jews...

Čáslav Synagogue

The Čáslav Synagogue in the Moorish style was built in 1899 according to the plan of the architect Wilhelm Stiassny. Since 1994, it has...


Domestic & İnternational Tourism is rising in Czech Republic

Data provided by the Czech National Tourisim information reveals that a total of 19.5 million tourists visited the Czech Republic last year, thus marking...

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