Joint ticket to Cologne monuments

Do you want to get to know all the sights of Cologne thoroughly, in peace and at a discounted price? Then a joint ticket...

Šimon Adler Museum in Hartmanice

The museum is an exposition of the Šumava Museum in Sušice. It was built as a memorial to Jewish historian and rabbi Dr. Šimon...

The old Jewish cemetery in Nové Bydžov

The Jewish cemetery was founded in 1520. It is the third oldest cemetery in Bohemia, after Prague and Cologne. The old Jewish cemetery was founded...

Former Auxiliary Synagogue – Garden of Memories in Pilsen

The Auxiliary Synagogue in Pilsen stood in Smetana Sady. In 2002, a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, called the Garden of Memories,...

Jewish cemetery Hoješín

Near the village of Hoješín, practically on the banks of the Sečská Reservoir, you will find a small remnant of a cemetery from the...

Synagogue in Polná

The remarkable ghetto, founded after 1680, consists of 32 houses around two squares, between which is a synagogue from 1683. The oldest floral painting...

Jewish town of Třebíč synagogue

The back synagogue in Třebíč is part of the Jewish ghetto. Today it is used to organize exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities. A...

Jewish History in Prague

Prague has a long and rich history of Jewish culture and community. The first recorded Jewish presence in Prague dates back to the 10th...

Hartmanice Mountain Synagogue

The museum, which is located in the unique premises of a reconstructed mountain synagogue from the 19th century, the highest in Bohemia. It offers...

A higher principle – geolocation game in Příbram

Imagine that you are students of the sixth Příbram gymnasium. During the difficult time of the Second World War, the class group is closed,...


Rožmberk Castle

Rožmberk Castle brings visitors not only to the time of the last Rožmberks, Vilém and Petr Vok, but also, since the 2010 season, also...

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