Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) Czech artist who was at the origin of the Art Nouveau art movement at the end of the 19th century. Living in Paris at the time, Mucha became an almost overnight sensation thanks to his poster of the world-famous actress Sarah Bernhardt in the play Gismonda.

His new style with strong contours, natural motifs and elegantly graceful female figures created a completely new visual perception of the world, and his popular advertising posters and decorative panels dominated the streets and living rooms of Paris. Later in his life, Mucha became involved in the Czechoslovak liberation movement and devoted himself entirely to his late work , The Slavic Epic, twenty canvases of monumental dimensions telling the story of the Slavic people. His work continues to inspire artists today, and the legacy of his visual language can still be seen in popular art, whether it’s psychedelic rock ‘n roll posters, Japanese manga, or even superhero movies and video games.

The Mucha Foundation , chaired by the artist’s grandson John Mucha, takes care of preserving his artistic legacy. Her eyou can find the Mucha Museum


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