Prague is home to a vibrant kosher dining scene, catering to both locals and visitors seeking kosher meals. Here are some top kosher restaurants and shops in the city, with an introduction to Kosher Food Restaurant.

King Solomon Restaurant

Address: Široká 8, Prague 1

One of Prague’s most famous kosher restaurants, offering traditional Jewish cuisine in an elegant setting.

Chabad’s Shelanu Dairy Restaurant

Address: Maiselova 4, Prague 1

A dairy restaurant providing a variety of kosher dishes, including pasta, salads, and traditional Jewish desserts.

Dinitz Kosher Restaurant

Address: Bílkova 12, Prague 1

A family-friendly restaurant serving a range of kosher meat and dairy dishes, with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Why Choose Kosher Food in Prague?

Choosing kosher food ensures adherence to Jewish dietary laws, emphasizing food purity, ethical animal treatment, and health considerations. Kosher restaurants in Prague offer not only traditional Jewish dishes but also a variety of international cuisines, providing a unique and culturally rich dining experience. These establishments often maintain high standards of cleanliness and food quality, appealing to both observant Jews and anyone seeking ethically sourced, high-quality meals.

Kosher Shops in Prague

  • Kosher Delight – Prague 1
  • Beth-Café – Prague 1
  • Kosherland – Prague 2
  • Maimonides Kosher Food – Prague 3
  • Jewish Community Prague Shop – Prague 1

For a quick bite, you can also explore options like Matana, offering kosher catering and snacks.

Enjoy exploring these kosher-friendly spots in Prague and experience the rich culinary traditions they offer!


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