Introduction to Prague’s Craft Beer Renaissance


In recent years, Prague has emerged as a hub for craft beer enthusiasts, boasting a rich tapestry of breweries and bars dedicated to artisanal brewing. The city’s beer scene has evolved remarkably, transitioning from traditional pilsners to a diverse array of craft offerings, each bursting with innovation and flavor. This guide will navigate you through the bustling streets of Prague to the doors of the best Czech craft beer bars and breweries, ensuring a memorable experience for all beer lovers.

The Art of Czech Craft Beer

Czech beer is renowned worldwide, primarily for its impeccably brewed pilsners. However, the local craft scene has expanded to include a variety of styles, from hoppy IPAs to robust porters. Prague’s craft breweries emphasize the use of local ingredients, which not only enhances the flavor profiles but also supports the regional agricultural community. This section explores the nuances of Czech craft beers and their brewing processes.

Top Craft Beer Bars in Prague

  1. Pivovarský Dům: Known for its creative approach, Pivovarský Dům offers a unique selection of flavored beers including coffee and nettle, making it a must-visit for those looking to try something out of the ordinary.
  2. Zlý Časy: With its extensive menu of both local and international beers, Zlý Časy is a paradise for beer aficionados. The knowledgeable staff and cozy ambiance make it an ideal spot for deep diving into the craft beer culture.
  3. The Taproom: Celebrated for its rotating taps and wide selection, The Taproom is perfect for anyone eager to sample a broad spectrum of Czech and global craft beers in one go.

Must-Visit Local Breweries

  • U Fleků Brewery: This brewery is a pilgrimage site for beer lovers due to its rich history dating back to 1499. It offers a vintage setting where visitors can enjoy traditional Czech brews.
  • Prague Beer Museum: A modern establishment that allows beer enthusiasts to explore the history of Czech brewing and taste an impressive lineup of craft beers.

Unique Brews and Exclusive Tastings

Seasonal and limited-edition brews are highlights of the craft beer experience. This section guides you to bars and breweries where you can taste these exclusive offerings, ensuring you get a sip of rare and exceptional brews during your visit.

Beer Tasting Tours in Prague

Whether you prefer a structured tour with an expert guide or exploring at your own pace, Prague offers a variety of beer tasting tours to suit every type of traveler. These tours not only provide insight into the brewing process but also introduce you to the legends and stories behind these iconic establishments.

Pairing Food with Craft Beers

No beer exploration is complete without the right food pairings. From classic Czech pub snacks to more sophisticated culinary delights, this section will recommend the best places to enjoy a meal that complements your craft beer.

Craft Beer Events and Festivals

Prague hosts numerous beer festivals and events throughout the year, providing opportunities to taste exceptional brews and engage with the community. This guide will help you plan your trip around these events for an enhanced beer-tasting experience.

Tips for a Stellar Craft Beer Experience

Visiting Prague for its craft beers involves more than just bar hopping. Here, we offer tips on the best times to visit, etiquette in Czech beer bars, and how to make the most of your beer journey in this historic city.

Where Next After Prague?

After immersing yourself in Prague’s craft beer scene, why not explore other Czech cities renowned for their brewing? This section provides suggestions for continuing your beer journey beyond the capital.

Czech Craft Beer Bars: Your Ultimate Guide to Prague

To wrap up, we’ll revisit our top recommendations and help you craft an itinerary that perfectly suits your taste and schedule, ensuring that your Prague beer adventure is nothing short of spectacular.

FAQs about Czech Craft Beer Bars in Prague

What makes Czech craft beer unique?

Czech craft beers stand out due to their deep-rooted brewing traditions blended with modern innovation. The use of locally sourced ingredients, particularly the famous Czech hops, gives these beers a distinctive flavor profile characterized by a balance of bitterness and aromatic finesse.

Can you recommend a craft beer bar in Prague for beginners?

The Taproom is an excellent choice for beginners. With its friendly atmosphere and a wide selection of craft beers on tap, it provides an opportunity to sample various styles and find what suits your palate without feeling overwhelmed.

Are there any craft beer tours in English in Prague?

Yes, several companies offer craft beer tours in English in Prague. These tours typically include visits to multiple breweries or bars with an expert guide who explains the nuances of craft beer production and Czech brewing history.

What are the typical prices for craft beer in Prague?

Prices for craft beers in Prague are quite reasonable compared to other major cities. Expect to pay anywhere from 40 to 80 CZK (about 2 to 4 USD) for a pint, depending on the rarity and the production costs of the brew.

Where can I find the best IPA in Prague?

Zlý Časy is renowned for its extensive selection of IPAs. They feature a range of local and international options, making it a prime spot for IPA enthusiasts to discover their new favorite brew.

Is there a craft beer festival in Prague?

Yes, Prague hosts several craft beer festivals throughout the year. One of the most popular is the Prague Beer Festival, which takes place in the spring and features over 150 types of beers from the best local and international breweries.

What food is good to pair with Czech craft beers?

Traditional Czech pub snacks like pickled sausages, pork knuckles, and beer cheese pair wonderfully with craft beers. For a more refined experience, try dishes like roasted duck or goulash, which complement the robust flavors of darker and more intense brews.

Do Czech craft beer bars offer options for non-beer drinkers?

Yes, most craft beer bars in Prague also cater to non-beer drinkers with a selection of wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Can I buy Czech craft beers online?

Several Czech breweries offer online sales, and there are specialized e-commerce platforms where you can purchase a wide array of Czech craft beers for delivery, depending on your location’s import laws.

How do I know if a bar serves genuine craft beer?

Genuine craft beer bars in Prague usually have a rotating selection of brews, knowledgeable staff, and often information about the beers’ origins and brewing process available either on the menu or directly from the bartenders.


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