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The Best 12 Marriage Proposal Location in Prague

Sweep your loved one off their feet with these romantic proposal ideas in Prague, from picturesque buildings to unforgettable baroque parks.

Get a yes when you pop the question by picking one of the top Prague proposal spots featured in this Prague hints. Find beautiful restaurants to had a dinner afterward the photoshoot, proposal packages and where to buy the all-important engagement ring.

Many luxurious hotels usually have deals around Valentine’s Day, making it an ideal time for getting engaged.

Here you can find some of our recommended outside locations in Prague to Propose your loved one.

1.Old Town Square near by the Astronomical Clock

It’s great location but for surprise proposal always risky. It’s one of the most busy location in Prague.

2.On the Charles Bridge

3.By the Vltava River with a Charles Bridge Behind

4.Near by the Charles Bridge Legs

5.Small Venice at Kampa Island

It might get crowded after 10-11 it’s better to organise earlier.

6.Shooter Island with natural view or Charles Bridge view Behind

7.Prague Castle – at the Historical Cathedral Door – Building View

8.Outside of Castle (Prague view & beautiful Roofs)

What about Some Baroque style historical gardens?

They are great in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Winter time most of them are closed but contact to us to get some ideas if you really like to propose at one of Baroque Garden.

9.Vrtba Garden

10.Walledstein Garden (Open at specific times contact the your proposal photographer)

11.Vysherad Castle & Garden

12. Vojan Garden




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