Brníčko Castle in Zábřežsk

Brníčko is the ruins of a castle on a hill above the village of the same name Brníčko 7 km from Zábřeh. The ruins...

Nelahozeves Castle: A Hidden Gem of the Czech Countryside

Nelahozeves Castle is a 16th-century Renaissance castle located about 35 kilometers from Prague, Czech Republic. It is one of Bohemia's finest castles and features...

Pecka Castle – the pearl of the Giant Mountains

Come and see the pearl of the Krkonoše Mountains located in the middle of this wonderful region, the castle with the interesting name Pecka....

Ruins of Frýdštejn Castle

One of the three castles in Jabloneck is the ruins of the Frýdštejn castle, which is the northernmost castle ruin in the region. The...

Žebrák Castle – in the footsteps of King Wenceslas IV.

A favorite place of residence of Wenceslas IV. is a romantic corner offering a view of the wide surroundings with the dominant neighboring castle...

Sirotčí hradek – a landmark of Pavlovské vrchy

Orphan Castle (Rossenstein) got its name from the Wehingen family, feudal lords of Swabian origin, one branch of which, the Orphans, moved from Austria...

The ruins of Starý Jičín Castle

In Starý Jičín in northern Moravia, the Starojický hill stands alone, on the top of which stands the ruins of Starý Jičín Castle. From...

Lampelberg Castle

The small castle of Lampelberg in the Ječmeniště wine region on the Czech-Austrian border was built in 1860 on the highest hill in the...

Štramberská Trúba – Strallenberg Castle in Štramberk

The dominant feature of the town of Štramberk is the ruins of the Strallenberg (Štramberk) castle with a cylindrical tower called Trúba, which is...

Šternberk State Castle

The castle of the same name dominates the town of Šternberk on the edge of Nízké Jeseník. This Moravian castle became the cradle of...


Prague Sunset and Sunrise in October

Sunset and sunrise times in Prague. You can see here best time to take photos and get beautiful lights in one of the most...

Luže Jewish Cemetery

Budyně nad Ohří Castle

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