Prague proposal photography by Kemal Onur Ozman
  • Traditional portraits are posed shots of individuals in a studio setting. They are typically formal and elegant, and often used for professional headshots, graduation photos, and family portraits.
  • Candid portraits are spontaneous and unposed shots of people in their natural environment. They capture fleeting moments and emotions, and often tell a story about the subject’s life. Candid portraits
  • Environmental portraits are a mix of traditional and candid portraits. They are staged in a natural setting, but the subject is still in control of their pose and expression. Environmental portraits
  • Glamor portraits are all about highlighting the subject’s beauty and femininity. They often feature soft lighting, flattering poses, and makeup. Opens in a new Glamour portraits
  • Boudoir portraits are a more intimate and sensual type of glamour portrait. They are often shot in a bedroom or bath setting, and feature revealing clothing and poses. Opens in a new Boudoir portraits
  • Lifestyle portraits capture a person’s everyday life and personality. They can be shot in a variety of settings, from home and work to hobbies and interests. Opens in a new Lifestyle portraits
  • Street portraits are candid shots of people in public places. They can be challenging to capture, but can also be very rewarding. Street portraits
  • Fine art portraits are a type of portrait photography that is more artistic than traditional portraiture. They often feature abstract or surreal elements, and may not be as realistic as other types of portrait photography. Fine art portraits
  • Conceptual portraits are a type of portrait photography that tells a story or conveys a message. The subject may be posed in a symbolic or metaphorical way, and the photographer may use props or costumes to create a specific atmosphere. Opens in a new Conceptual portraits
  • Surreal portraits are a type of portrait photography that distorts reality. The subject may be photographed in a dreamlike or otherworldly setting, or their features may be altered in some way. Surreal portraits
  • Self-portraits are photographs that a person takes of themselves. They can be a great way to explore one’s identity and creativity. Selfportraits
  • Couple portraits capture the love and intimacy between two people. They can be shot in a variety of settings, from romantic locations to everyday environments. Couple portraits
  • Family portraits document the bond between family members. They can be formal or informal, and often include children, parents, and extended family members. Family portraits
  • Group portraits capture the collective spirit of a group of people. They can be shot in a variety of settings, from workplaces to social gatherings.


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