About the Hotel

A&O Praha Rhea perfectly blends comfort, convenience, and affordability. Located in the tranquil outskirts of Prague, this accommodation offers 350 rooms, ranging from singles and doubles to family and shared options, ensuring there’s a space for everyone—whether you’re a backpacker, part of a school group, or traveling with family. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, shower, and complimentary Wi-Fi, providing a comfortable stay for all guests.

Facilities & Services

Lobby Bar: Unwind with a drink in our cozy lobby bar.
Meeting Room: Accommodates up to 50 people, ideal for small gatherings or business meetings.
Parking: Convenient on-site parking available.
Pets Allowed: Your furry friends are welcome here, making it a perfect choice for pet owners.

Location & Accessibility

Convenient Location: Just a 3-minute walk from the nearest tram station, A&O Praha Rhea offers easy access to Prague’s main attractions and experiences.
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Contact Information

Address: V Úžlabině 19, 10800 Praha 10 – Strašnice
Phone: +420 222 767 615
Website: Visit A&O Praha Rhea
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Star Rating

Hotel Classification: 3-star hotel and hostel, offering a range of accommodations and amenities tailored to meet the needs of diverse travelers.

A&O Praha Rhea is your gateway to exploring Prague with ease, providing affordable comfort and a welcoming atmosphere for all types of travelers.


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