Prague to Veltrusy Chateau - Visit Deers and do a Forest Walk (Photos by: Kemal Onur Ozman)

Romantic landscapes, deers around forest, lazy flow of the Vltava river, wild floodplain forests, picturesque centuries-old trees in hidden meadows, golden fields of grain and seemingly forgotten huts with statues and pavilions where time has stopped.

All of them hide in the Veltrusy Chateau park, one of the largest castle parks in the country. Historic utility buildings and the main chateau building, despite being undergoing a demanding reconstruction, offer visitors a variety of possibilities for exploring and relaxing.

History of The Chateau

Veltrusy, once a medieval village in the lower Vltava river plain, was surrounded by fields and forests. The estate, a part of Jeviněves-Veltrusy domain, became a dowry of baroness Maria Theresa von Scheidler in 1698. That year Maria Theresa married a knight Wenceslas Anton Chotek (1674–1754). The Choteks belonged to the old but poor knight aristocracy affected by confiscations following the Battle of the White Mountain. Wenceslas Anton benefited from this marriage both materially and socially. He gained the title of a baron and in 1723 was granted a title of the count. Apart from this, his wealth increased considerably, and so did his social standard.

Veltrusy Chateau & Garden Location Address

Photos: Prague Photographer Kemal Onur Ozman


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