Hotel Voyage

Hotel Voyage

Hotel Voyage

Comfortable 4-Star Hotel in the Bohemian District of Žižkov

Hotel Voyage is a 4-star hotel located in the broader centre of Prague, in the bohemian district of Žižkov. The hotel features 33 comfortable rooms and offers a broad range of services including concierge service. Guests can reach the city centre after a 20-minute ride from the hotel.


  • Type: Hotel
  • Location: Broader City Centre
  • Category: 4-Star
  • Number of rooms: 33

Facilities and Services

  • Garage: Yes
  • Family Friendly: Yes
  • Concierge Service: Yes


Hotel Voyage is situated in the vibrant and bohemian district of Žižkov, known for its unique atmosphere and cultural diversity. The hotel provides easy access to the city centre, which can be reached within a 20-minute ride.


Hotel Voyage
Hotel Voyage

Hotel Voyage

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