The time of creation cannot be determined exactly, but it must have been founded in the 16th century at the latest. The oldest existing gravestone is dated 1613. In total, there are 406 gravestones in the cemetery area. The cemetery is located on the northwestern edge of the city , in the area between the edge of the castle park and the bend of the road to Ivančice , near today’s Znojemská and Ivančická streets.

The tombstones typologically belong to the group of Ashkenazi tombstones , their simple division, decoration and symbolism correspond to other South Moravian cemeteries. Particularly valuable are the preserved tombstones of the Baroque type from the 17th century.

Monuments has important persons, Jakob Moše ben Jehuda Kann, Abraham Zvi Hirsch, Aron Mordechai Schwab, dr. Adolf Hahn, Cantor Samuel Lagodzinsky and representatives of the Jewish community. The more recent tombstones are eye-catchingthe sumptuous tomb of the Jewish nobles Jakub and Pavlína Dormizer, owners of the Tulešice estate.


Jewish cemetery in Moravské Krumlov
Ivančická 221
672 01 Moravský Krumlov

  • Tel.:+420 515 300 711
  • GPS:49.045145 16.303720Region:South-Moravian region
    Region:Znojmo and Podyjí
    City:Moravian Krumlov
    Tips for a trip:Moravský Krumlov and surroundings

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1 – 3 years


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