What will I learn on the Dance Photography Workshop?

The Dance Photography Course will follow these course topics:

This course will teach you the techniques needed to photograph dance in an engaging and interesting way and is perfect for those looking to combine their interest in dance with photography.


Class size: Courses limited to 8 persons.

Duration:  3.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Price: 400€

Introduction to Dance Photography – an overview of the techniques we will be covering to give you a better idea of the best methods to capture great photos.


Dance Photography in a Studio Environment and on Location – This is a  workshop that will cover a studio work and work on Prague location using studio lights, giving you greater control over lighting and composition. You will learn how to best light your subject using different methods.


Working with Dancers – To achieve the best images, you need to be able to work with your subject to capture them at their best. This workshop will give you tips on how to direct a subject so that they can help you achieve that amazing images. You’ll also learn how to listen to your subject and their needs.

Timing Your Shot – In something like dance, where the subject(s) are moving, timing your shot to get the best results is very important. We will teach you the skills to be able to anticipate and react to the “moment” when it arrives.

Focusing – With your subjects moving around the space so much, it can be difficult to focus on them properly. We will teach you how to get the best focus and depth of field, both to achieve crisp images, but also how to use motion blur.


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