The district of Prague – Kunratice covers an area of ​​809.92 ha at an altitude of 220 to 310 m. There are units such as forest, streams, ponds, greenery, fields, open spaces, prospects, park and more, while Kunraticko Michel forest is one of Prague’s largest natural parks.

Animals at Kunratice – Mouflons

In addition to flora, Kunratice is also abundant in fauna. There are many species of molluscs, insects and vertebrates. Water areas are a haven for many birds, amphibians, mammals and fish. Of the Kunratice mammals, the most famous is the mouflon, which was planted here in the 1960s. Throughout Prague, mouflon is freely found only in Kunratice. In a few climbs it has grown to 40-50 pieces, which occurs mostly at Thomayer Hospital. In the forest you can also find roe deer or wild boar.



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