New Town Hall

The Cellar under the New Town Hall – Unveiling Brno’s Historical Secrets

Introduction Explore the depths of Brno’s history at the Cellar under the New Town Hall, a captivating journey through time and legend. This cellar complex, originally belonging to the Mintmaster’s house and now incorporating the reconstructed cellars of the New Town Hall, offers a multimedia exhibition titled The Fire Horse and the Dragon. Step into a realm where ancient spaces blend with contemporary storytelling and technology.

Exhibition: The Fire Horse and the Dragon Immerse yourself in a blend of historical facts and mythical tales at The Fire Horse and the Dragon. This modern multimedia exhibition engages all senses, captivating visitors young and old. Delve into Brno’s rich history through illustrations and animations, transporting you to the Middle Ages, the era of the Thirty Years’ War, and beyond. Encounter iconic figures from Brno’s legends, witness scenes from a medieval marketplace, and uncover intriguing historical anecdotes illustrated by Veronika Vlková.

Educational Programs Designed for schools, leisure clubs, and suburban camps, the Cellar offers entertaining and educational programs. While tours are self-guided, guides recommend routes tailored for children, ensuring an interactive experience. Children can also engage with worksheets, making reservations in advance ideal for groups.

Historical Insights The Cellar under the New Town Hall, formerly known as the Mintmaster’s Cellar, was unearthed during explorations of Brno’s underground in 1999. Opened to the public in 2007, this space, believed to have been beneath the homes of Mintmasters Bruno and later Mikuláš od Věž, now connects to the reconstructed cellars of the New Town Hall, offering a glimpse into Brno’s storied past.

Visitor Information

  • Location: Dominikánské náměstí 1, 602 00 Brno
  • Operator: Tourist Information Center Brno
  • Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 09:30 – 18:00 (last entry at 17:15)
  • Admission:
    • Regular: 150 CZK
    • Reduced: 80 CZK
    • Family: 350 CZK
  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour


New Town Hall New Town Hall New Town Hall

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