There are two ticketed parts of the monastery: the gallery and the library. It contains thousands of volumes of philosophical, astronomical, mathematical, and historical knowledge, though your admission only entitles you to look from behind a barrier. Even more interesting is the library’s antechamber, home to an 18th-century cabinet of curiosities, the predecessor of the modern museum.

Prague Strahoc Monastery (Photo:Kemal Onur Ozman)

The Strahov Monastery holds some 130,000 volumes, of which 3,000 are manuscripts (the oldest one is the Strahov Gospel) and 2,000 first editions. The library also has the distinction of housing the manuscript of the Gerlaci Chronicon (1220) and the first edition of the work by Nicholas Copernicus, De Revolutionibus Orbium Cœlestium (‘On the Revolution of the Celestial Orbs’), in which the famous astronomer explains that it is the earth that revolves around the sun and not vice versa.

How to Reach Strahov Monastery

Tram 22: Pohořelec street. From the tram, walk south and up the street, then take a sharp left onto Strahovské nádvoří.

How Much is the Entrance at Strahov Monastery

Library 80Kč, students 70Kč. Gallery 100Kč, students 50Kč. Photo or video permit 120Kč. Cash only. (Please check it again it might slightly change

Openning Times

Library open daily 9am-noon and 1-5pm. Gallery open daily 9am noon and 12:30-5pm.”



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