The Jewish cemetery was founded in 1520. It is the third oldest cemetery in Bohemia, after Prague and Cologne.

The old Jewish cemetery was founded in 1520 in the southern part behind the city walls. From that time until 1885, not only local Jews were buried here, but also Jews from the near and far surroundings. We count over 1,480 gravestones on an area of ​​over half a hectare .

The oldest surviving tombstone made of dark fine-grained sandstone with an incised Hebrew inscription dates back to the Christian calendar from 1577. Sandstone tombstones from the second half of the 17th century predominate in number. and from the 18th century Plastically protruding Hebrew inscriptions are complemented by various ornaments with architectural elements and typical symbols (e.g. blessing hands – the Kohen priestly family, kettles – the tribe of Levi).

The massive tombstone from the beginning of the 17th century is exceptional. with a branch and a human face in a decorative cartouche. Among the several marble tombstones, Enoch Wolf ‘s tombstone with a wolf relief stands out. From the end of the 18th century tombstones with interlingual inscriptions (in Hebrew and German) with incised writing predominate. There are also tombstones with classicist and neo-Gothic elements, various obelisks, some still made of sandstone, others of polished granite. There are also several magnificent tombs with two stelae. After the Prague and Cologne cemeteries, the Novobydžovsk Jewish cemetery is one of the oldest in Bohemia .


Old Jewish Cemetery

Revoluční trída
504 01 Nový Bydžov


Information center Nový Bydžov
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504 01 Nový Bydžov

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    City:New Bydžov
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Opening hours

Note: The key to the old Jewish cemetery can be borrowed from the Municipal Museum in Nové Bydžov during the museum’s normal opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday all year round.


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