Adventure Park Zeměráj

Explore Adventure Park Zeměráj


Discover Adventure Park Zeměráj, a sprawling nature park nestled near the Orlická Dam in South Bohemia. Spanning nine hectares, this park offers over a hundred interactive games and activities designed for families, blending Czech nature with historical and ecological experiences.

Historical and Ecological Attractions

Early Middle Ages Village Step back in time to explore a reconstructed Early Middle Ages village, complete with gardens and pastures. Engage in activities like pottery, weaving, flour milling, and tending goats, all while experiencing the lifestyle of early Czech inhabitants.

Barefoot Trail Embark on a kilometer-long barefoot trail winding through diverse terrain—forests, meadows, rocks, and streams. This sensory journey includes balance elements and educational tasks with natural materials, enhancing your connection with Czech nature.

Children’s Village and Playgrounds Children can enjoy Hrejkov village, featuring playhouses modeled after traditional folk architecture. Highlights include a bakery, office, pub, and puppet theater, offering immersive play experiences. Additional attractions include mazes, playgrounds, and an archaeological site.

Adventure and Entertainment

Interactive Games Participate in a variety of interactive games such as Hlaholam orientation game, a dark warehouse experience, football golf, archery, and an adventurous treasure hunt. New additions include the Jewels of Nature game and a water playground with sluice gates and a mill wheel.

Cultural and Natural Experiences Immerse yourself in natural beauty with blooming meadows, walks among apple trees, and refreshing stream wading. Experience rare moments in nature and explore historical exhibits like the oldest wooden house in the Czech Republic and themed exhibitions like The Vanished Countryside and Year of Butterflies.

Visitor Information

Location: Adventure Park Zeměráj, Kovářov 201, Budař, 398 55 Kovářov
Contact: Tel. +420 702 542 054, Email:
Website: Adventure Park Zeměráj
GPS Coordinates: 49.509413, 14.304362

Opening Hours

  • April – May: Saturdays & Sundays, 10:00 – 17:00
  • June: Saturdays, 10:00 – 18:00; Sundays, 10:00 – 17:00
  • July – August: Monday to Sunday, 09:30 – 18:30
  • September: Fridays closed, Saturdays & Sundays, 10:00 – 17:00
  • Open from April 27 to September 29, 2024

Admission Prices

  • Adults and children (from 3 years): 150 CZK per person

Note: Tickets can be purchased on-site; advance booking is recommended for groups.

Experience Adventure and Nature in South Bohemia

Explore Adventure Park Zeměráj and indulge in a day of adventure, education, and natural discovery amidst the picturesque landscapes of Kovářov.


Adventure Park Zeměráj Adventure Park Zeměráj Adventure Park Zeměráj

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