If there’s one thing every visitor would like to take home with them from Prague, it’s the public transport system. The metro – one of the few

legacies of the Soviet period that the locals are truly grateful for – is clean and constantly expanding, while the much-loved cream and red Tatra trams negotiate the city’s cobbles and bridges with remarkable dexterity. You can have a lot of fun with your 24-hour travel pass. If you take tram #22 from Národní třída, you can get a free tour of the city, crossing the river, ploughing through picturesque Malá Strana and taking on a couple of impressive hairpin bends, before ending up outside the gates of Prague Castle. Alternatively, for an extra 35Kč, you can catchtram #91, an old 1930s tramcar with a conductor, which takes a circuitous route through the city centre en route to or from Prague Castle. Your travel pass also covers the city’s funicular, which will whisk you to the top of Petřín hill, home to the mirror maze and miniature Eiffel Tower. Even more quirky are the city transport’s summer-only motor boat services between the islands in the Vltava, which allow you to zig-zag up the river at leisure. For details and prices see p.25.


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