Brníčko is the ruins of a castle on a hill above the village of the same name Brníčko 7 km from Zábřeh. The ruins of a two-story palace, towers, part of the above-mentioned outer wall, pieces of fence, ditches and ramparts remain from the massive castle of an interesting type (stepped on top of the castle hill).

The first mention of the castle dates from 1356 . According to typology, Brníček can be included among the castles with a shell wall , i.e. the towerless type . The folded, 2-meter-thick rampart, strengthened by three massive pillars on the weakest southern side of the castle in the 15th century, was the basic defensive element of the castle. Adjacent to the northeastern side of the wall was a three-room palace, later expanded on the southern side. Another, as yet undated building, stood on the southwest side of the castle core. The high walls of the northeastern palace, three massive fortification pillars , a pillar that once supported a wooden bridge, ramparts and ditches and more modest wall fragments of other parts of the castle have been preserved to this day.

The nearest access to the ruins is possible from the village of Brníčko following the blue and red signs. However, it is necessary to expect a 0.5 km long steep climb. However, the tour is worth the effort.


Brníčko village
Brníčko 120
789 75 Brníčko

Tel.: +420 583 438 022

E-mail: podatelna@obecbrn…


GPS: 49.893639 16.966856

Region: Olomouc region
Region: Jeseníky mountains
Tips for a trip: Brníčko and surroundings


Price:  free


1.5 hours


  1. Brníčko Castle ruins offer a fascinating glimpse into medieval architecture and history, as described in this article. Situated atop a hill near the village of Brníčko, the castle’s remnants, including a two-story palace, towers, and sections of the outer wall, paint a vivid picture of its former grandeur. The article provides valuable insights into the castle’s defensive features, such as the folded rampart and fortification pillars, highlighting its strategic importance during the 15th century.

    I found the details about Brníčko Castle’s typology and its classification as a towerless castle particularly interesting. The descriptions of the surviving architectural elements, from the palace to the fortification pillars, offer a comprehensive understanding of the castle’s layout and design.

    The article also provides practical information for visitors interested in exploring the ruins, including the nearest access points and hiking trails. Despite the steep climb required to reach the castle, the article assures readers that the tour is well worth the effort, promising a rewarding experience for history enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Overall, this article offers a compelling introduction to Brníčko Castle’s history and encourages readers to discover its hidden treasures firsthand.


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