Christmas markets in Prague are very famous and charming. You can visit markets every day from Nov 30, 2019 to Jan 6, 2020.

What to Buy, What to Eat & Drink at the Prague Christmas Market?

Markets offer variety of ceramics, jewellery, toys, ornaments for Christmas tree and much more. What you shouldn’t miss is trying local foods and drinks. Very popular among Czechs is for example klobása (sausage), langoš (flatbread with garlic, cheese and ketchup) or bramborák (potato pancake), if you prefer sweet treats you can try palačinky (pancakes) or trdelník. When it comes to drinks you can try some of czech beers like Pilsner Urquell, Budvar or Staropramen. Hot drinks that you can buy are Svařák (Mulled wine), Medovina (Honey wine) or Horká čokoláda (Hot chocolate).

Old Town Square Christmas Market

The main and most famous market is at Old Town Square where are ofter carol concerts and dance performaces. You can also find there the biggest and most decorated Christmas tree, the lights are switched on at 4:30 pm.

Which Christmas Markets can you visit in Prague?

Apart from the main Christmas Market at Old Town Square mentioned above –  you can also visit:

  • Christmas Market at Wenceslas square (Nov 30, 2019 – Jan 6, 2020)
  • Christmas Market at Republic square (Nov 25, 2019 – Dec 24, 2019)
  • Christmas Market at Prague castle at St George`s square (Nov 23, 2019 – Jan 6, 2020)
  • Christmas Market at Peace square (Nov 20, 2019 – Dec 24, 2019)

Christmas Market Photos Prague / Andel

Prague Christmas Vacation Photographer

If you are looking for an amazing photos and fun day we suggest you to book a professional photographer. You can see one of the photographers webpage and portfolio here Vacation photographer in Prague.For an amazing tour including nature and historical sites.

Is December a good time to visit Prague?

Oh yes! December is wonderful time to visit Prague. If you don’t mind the cold! Lots of Christmas markets mulled wine and traditional activities all around Prague!

Does it snow in Prague in December?

There is a saying in Czech  “St. Martin is arriving 11th of November! With the white!” Yes it’s generally snowy in December but climate change and also heat island in the city can affect a bit. But you will see the Prague most probably a bit snowy!



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