The extensive torso of the castle, also called Kostomlaty, rises on a hill, not far from Kostomlat pod Milešovka. The castle is considered one of the most picturesque ruins in Bohemia.

Above the village of Kostomlaty pod Milešovka in the Český středohoří, on a forested hill 566 meters high, the ruins of the massive Gothic castle Sukoslav , also called Kostomlaty, rise. The castle was founded at the beginning of the 14th century by the lords of Osek on the site of the original Slavic fort.

To this day, the entrance gate, two cylindrical towers have been preserved from the castle , while the higher one is equipped with a walkway. We can also see the perimeter walls of the massive palace, parts of the fence wall and other walls, the castle moat. From the eastern part of the castle there is a nice view of the wooded hills of the Český středohoří. The ridges of the Ore Mountains and the town of Teplice with Doubravská Hora castle can also be seen clearly. The ruins are freely accessible and the entrance fee is collected only voluntarily, all proceeds are used to save the castle. The romantic ruin caught the attention of director Zdenek Troška , ​​who filmed the fairy tale The Most Beautiful Riddle here . The castle ruins are freely accessible, but watch out for falling stones!

Since October 2014, the castle tower, which serves as a lookout tower, has been open to lovers of distant views . The castle landmark, inaccessible for decades, got a new roof, railings and an outdoor staircase to the highest part. The view from here is of the České středohoří and the opposite Ore Mountains .

And what would a castle be without a terrifying reputation ? One mentions that a ghost with a black chalice stain on its forehead is said to wander the ruins at midnight. He is the Hussite leader Jakoubek from Vřesovice, who conquered the castle in 1434. However, after the battle at Lipan, he betrayed the Hussites because he went over to the side of Emperor Sigismund. It is said that thanks to his treachery he did not find eternal peace and tranquility even after death. However, according to the legend, you can free the spirit – just go up to the tower with him at midnight, kneel before him, pray for his soul and then wipe the black spot from Jakoubka’s forehead.


Association for the rescue of Kostomlaty Castle
Lhenická 310
417 54 Kostomlaty pod Milešovka
Tel.: +420 606 796 031

Tel.:+420 417 871 186


GPS:50.559700 13.872868

Region:Usti Region
Region:Bohemian Central Highlands

Opening hours

tower and upper castle open – April – October, Saturday – Sunday, public holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Price:  free


Watch out for falling rocks!


1.0 hour




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