The Jewish synagogue in Březnice is located on the square in the center of the former Jewish ghetto of Lokšana, founded in the 16th century. The synagogue was built in 1725, in 1821 there was a significant reconstruction in the classicist style.

The Jewish synagogue in Březnice stands in the center of the former ghetto. It grew in the first half of the 18th century after the compulsory relocation of the Jews. It consists of 24 Baroque houses, the most famous and largest of which is Popper’s Palace . The ghetto is located next to Březnické Square, with which it is connected by a narrow passage.

The synagogue was built in 1725, after a fire in 1821 it was fundamentally rebuilt in the classicist style . The next stage of repairs took place in the last quarter of the 19th century and around 1910, when the interior was modified, including decorative painting and adaptation of the southern section of the original women’s gallery.

  • Q: When was the Brzeznice Jewish Synagogue built? A:

The synagogue was constructed in the mid-18th century.

  • Q: What is the architectural style of the synagogue?

A: The Brzeznice Jewish Synagogue is built in the Baroque style.

  • Q: Is the synagogue open to the public?

A: Yes, the synagogue is open to the public and offers guided tours and exhibitions.

  • Q: What can visitors expect to see at the synagogue?

A: Visitors can admire the ornate Baroque architecture and learn about the history and traditions of the Jewish community in Brzeznice.


In one part of the building there is a vaulted prayer hall with a gallery , in the other part there used to be a school on the first floor and on the ground floor the apartment of the Shames . The synagogue served religious purposes until the 1930s, after the Second World War it was used as a warehouse for many years . In 1995, it was returned to the Jewish community in Prague in a devastated state.

Since June 2014 , the synagogue has been open to the public again. It was restored to its original form from 1825, and the theme of the permanent exhibition is Jewish education in the Czech lands . The building will be used as a regional Jewish museum, but also for concerts and thematic exhibitions.


Brzeznice Jewish Synagogue
Brzeznice 664
262 72 Brzeznice

Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic
Maiselova 18
110 01 Prague 1

  • Tel.:+420 224 800 824
  • GPS:50.089677 14.418387Region:Central Bohemian Region
    Region:Brdy and surroundings
    Tips for a trip:Brzeznice and surroundings

Opening hours

April – May
1.4. – 31.5.
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 16:00
June – August
1.6. – 31.8.
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 17:00
September – October
1.9. – 31.10.
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 16:00
Note: It will be open according to the opening hours of the castle.


30 min to 2 hours


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