The building near the Great Synagogue functioned in the past as accommodation for the rabbi and social spaces for the faithful. Today it is in a state of disrepair and is being prepared for reconstruction.

The neo-Gothic house style building dates from the end of the 19th century. It is located in the courtyard of the Great Synagogue.

Pilsen, the fourth-largest city in the Czech Republic, is known for its beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage. One of the most prominent buildings in the city is the rabbinical house, a historic structure that has been a significant part of Pilsen’s Jewish community for centuries.

The rabbinical house, located on Smetanovy sady street, was built in the late 19th century and served as the residence of the chief rabbi of the city. The building was designed by the renowned Czech architect František Lydie Gahura and features a beautiful neoclassical facade with ornate detailing.

Throughout its history, the rabbinical house played an essential role in the lives of the Jewish community in Pilsen. It was a center for religious and cultural activities and provided a meeting place for the community’s leaders. The building also served as a school, where Jewish children received a traditional education.

It served as accommodation for the rabbi and social spaces for the Jewish community. It stopped working before the Second World War.

After 1945, food laboratories operated in the premises, which carried out a number of insensitive interventions. After the revolution, the Jewish community got the building back, but had no money to repair it.

Repairs are currently being planned together with the synagogue.


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