The Auxiliary Synagogue in Pilsen stood in Smetana Sady. In 2002, a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, called the Garden of Memories, was established here.

The Auxiliary Synagogue in Pilsen  stood in the Smetana Gardens in Pilsen in the yard of house No. 80/5 from 1875.

It had a women’s gallery with an entrance via a stone staircase or a passage from the first floor of the Old Synagogue. Thanks to the unique hot air heating system , it was also used as a winter prayer room . It was probably used for religious services until 1892. It also served as a  Jewish school.

After the Second World War , when it served as a warehouse , the interior was devastated and a floor was added.

In 1997 , the roof collapsed, the premises were cleared , and in 2002 a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, called the Garden of Memories , was established here. On the pebbles placed in it, volunteers wrote the names of all Jewish victims from Pilsen and the surrounding area who perished during the Nazi occupation. The Old Synagogue

is also located in the development of houses near the Garden of Memories .


Η εβραϊκή κοινότητα του Πίλσεν

Smetanovy sady 80/5
300 01 Pilsen

  • Τηλ.:+420 377 223 346
  • GPS:49.744641 13.374474Πόλη: Πίλσεν

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