The jewel of the Grabštejn castle tour is the Renaissance chapel of St. Barbory ​​with rich painting decoration from the late Renaissance period, which is completely unique in Bohemia. After the reconstruction, it can be seen again in all its beauty.

From the history of Grabštejna Castle
Grabštejn Castle, standing on a rocky hill above the village of Chotyně near Hrádek nad Nisou , is first mentioned in a document from 1286, where Ota II, Burgrave of Donín and Grabštejn, is mentioned as the owner of the castle. During the 16th century , the Gothic castle was rebuilt into a representative Renaissance residence . The manor and the castle probably experienced the greatest growth at the time when it was held by the Clam-Gallas family .

In the past, Grabštejn controlled the way to the Czech Republic at a nodal, border point, where even today the borders of three states , the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, touch. The path under the castle is considered a kind of backbone of the Duchy of Frydlant. He is the most effective link between the Danish king Christian the north (possibly also by Swedish King Gustav Adolf) and Emperor Ferdinand II. in Vienna . At the time of the Principality of Frydlan, they were warring parties. The militarily important Grabštejn was seized by Albrecht of Valdštejn in the Thirty Years’ War .

After his death and in the confusion of the last period of the war, the castle was occupied by a Swedish garrison, who controlled the surroundings from there until the conclusion of peace in 1648. Therefore, by order of the emperor, the walls of Grabštejn were demolished in the second half of the 17th century , so that it could not become an enemy fortress in the future .

In 1843 , when Eduard Clam-Gallas was the owner of the castle , lightning struck the castle tower, resulting in an extensive fire that engulfed the roofs and the top floor of the adjacent northern wing of the upper castle. During the repairs of the burned-out premises, the tower received a new form with a neo-Gothic finish at the top , which it retained until 1992. From the end of the 1980s, reconstruction took place here, thanks to which it was possible to reveal the beauty of the former residence.

The building offers the possibility of weddings and commercial rentals, animated tours and tours for families with children, seasonal exhibitions and cultural events, music festivals.
Sightseeing tours
Tour of the Grabštejn mansion (basic circuit)
The basic circuit offers visitors a walk through the centuries “against the flow of time” from the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century in the rooms of noble owners and their servants and officials managing the estate. The tour also includes an ascent to the castle tower.

Grabštejn treasures
If you want to discover the most valuable thing that Grabštejn hides within its walls, visit this circuit. It will take you not only to the Grabštejn cellar, but also to the unique Renaissance chapel of St. Barbara. There is also an archaeological exhibition waiting for you. Open June to September.

Tower (separate tour)
Independent tour – you can climb the castle tower without a guide at any time during the normal visiting hours of the castle. From the castle tower there is a nice circular view of the surrounding countryside of Bohemia, Germany and Poland.

Chapel of St. Barbory
​​The Chapel of St. Barbory ​​in Grabštejn is a unique space whose historical and artistic value goes far beyond regional borders. You can visit it accompanied by a guide as a separate circuit. In the high season (June to September) the chapel is accessible only as part of the Grabštejnská poklady circuit.

Children’s tour
We offer special abbreviated tours of the castle for our little visitors. Tours are intended primarily for children (and their parents) from 3 to 8 years old. In the 2022 season, we present a tour called Hrabecí poklad.

Veterinary Museum
Visit the only museum of military field veterinary kits in the Czech Republic and discover the history not only of Czechoslovak military cynology. Open on selected dates.

Travel without barriers
Tours of the castle circuits are not barrier-free. The historic interiors are located on the 1st and 2nd floors.

If disabled visitors are interested in a tour , it is necessary to be accompanied and to be notified in advance by phone: the castle administration: +420 482 724 301 in order to ensure individual access. The 1st floor of the exhibition is accessed by a lifting platform, the 2nd floor is accessible only by stairs.

We offer the rental of haptic aids for visually impaired visitors.

We have prepared Czech texts with interpretation for hearing-impaired visitors.


Administration of SH Grabštejn
Grabštejn 21
463 34 Hrádek nad Nisou

Tel.: +420 482 724 301

E-mail: ozoganova.vera@np…

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GPS: 50.845757 14.874759

Region: Liberec region
Region: Lusatian Mountains
City: Hrádek nad Nisou
Tips for a trip: Hrádek nad Nisou and surroundings

Opening hours

1.5. – 31.5.
Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

1.6. – 30.6.
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 16:00

July – August
1.7. – 31.8.
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 17:00

1.9. – 30.9.
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

October – November
1.10. – 1.11.
Saturday Sunday 10:00 – 15:00


Price:  170 CZK

Reduced price:  140 CZK


1.5 hours


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