Near the village of Hoješín, practically on the banks of the Sečská Reservoir, you will find a small remnant of a cemetery from the beginning of the 19th century, which was abolished and disposed of in 1980.

The rest of the cemetery , founded in the first half of the 18th century , is located near the village of Hoješín. There were about 300 graves in total. One half of it was raised after the construction of the Seč dam reservoir in 1932 – on the eastern side, the terrain was raised by 1.5 m by filling (tombstones returned to their original places) and fenced off from the water with a concrete wall. The oldest tombstone dates from 1814 , the last burial took place here in 1919 .

The cemetery was gradually liquidated in the second half of the 20th century. In 1961 , a liquidation order was issuedcemetery (1961 – 1962 the western enclosure wall and the morgue were demolished and part of the tombstones were removed), in 1962 the liquidation was stopped. In 1980 , a new order was issued to dispose of the cemetery : only a symbolic group of tombstones was left and the area was changed to a park.

Today you can find here the last seven tombstones with Hebrew and Hebrew-German inscriptions . The cemetery remained a place of worship and is freely accessible to the public.


Jewish cemetery Hoješín
Horní Ves near the dam Seč
538 07 Seč

  • GPS:49.821548 15,644250Region:Pardubice region
    Region:Chrudimsko – Hlinecko
    Tips for a trip:Seč and surroundings


Jewish community in Prague
Maiselova 250/18
110 01 Prague 1

Visit Duration

1-2 hours


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