The back synagogue in Třebíč is part of the Jewish ghetto. Today it is used to organize exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities. A permanent exhibition of Jewish culture is located in the premises of the women’s gallery.

The back synagogue was built in 1669 in the Renaissance style, when the older so-called front synagogue was no longer sufficient for the growing number of residents . The interior painting dates from 1705-1707 and depicts a star-studded sky and sunset. On the walls, the visitor will see Jewish liturgical texts supplemented with florescent motifs.

In the women’s gallery there is an exhibition related to Jewish traditions and customs . Furthermore, the visitor can admire a model of a Jewish city here. The model shows the real state of the ghetto in 1850. The model is interactive and speaks five other languages ​​in addition to Czech.


Information and tourist center Zadní synagoga

  • Subakova 1/44
    674 01 Třebíč
  • Tel.:+420 568 823 005
  • Tel.:+420 568 610 023
  • GPS:49.217694 15.879559Region:Highlands region
    Region:Třebíčsko – Moravian Highlands


Could be change wwith tje time

Price:  100 CZK
Reduced price:  70 CZK
Family entrance fee:  250 CZK

Note: Elementary school groups – CZK 20


1-2 hours



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