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What will you learn on the Long Exposure Photography Workshop?

Course topics for this Workshop:

Filters, accessories, and equipment – firstly you will learn how to use ND, ND graduated and colour filters to achieve dramatic effects. You will also gain experience using a remote shutter releaser.

Calculating shutter speeds – learn how to correctly expose your images  for long periods of time in bright light area.

Extra long exposure times (shutter speeds) – how to achieve interesting motion blur effects of clouds and water

Focussing – how to achieve sharp images while using these long exposure techniques

Subjects – what kind of photography is the long exposure technique suited for, on the workshop you will learn how to put this into practice with cityscape, architecture and urban photography

Composition – practice the techniques required to achieve balanced components in the frame

Workshop Teacher

Prague Based Photographer Kemal Onur Ozman

How Big is The Workshop Group

Max. 6 people

When is the Workshop

It’s generally every weekend around sunset time. Please contact with organizer www.kemalonurozman.com.

Light is every photographer’s secret weapon- with this workshop you will learn how to use long exposures so you can create dramatic and intriguing photographs.


Duration: One day – around 4 hours.


Price: 200€

Minimum level required: good knowledge of basics (understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how to combine them together). If not we will show you the settings no worries:)

Location: Prague, Old Town


Dates and availability: Please contact


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