The motivation for the creation of the memorial was an effort to cut through the oblivion that prevailed in society in relation to Jews after the Second World War. The monument in the village of Černovice u Tábora has been standing since 2002.

The Jewish memorial in Černovice was unveiled on November 10, 2002, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the deportation of the local Jewish population to Nazi concentration camps. The monument is special for its artistic concept based on the connection of the past with the present and the integration of visitors. A significant expression of this connection is the fact that, unlike many others, this memorial considers as victims of the Holocaust not only those who perished, but also those citizens of Chernivtsi of Jewish origin who survived the sufferings of the Holocaust and bear the loss of their families and other personal consequences to the present.

An important part of the memorial is a documentation exhibition , located in the former morgueof the Chernivtsi Jewish Cemetery, which is one of the last authentic witnesses of the life of the Jewish community there.

The first Jews apparently began to settle in Černovice already in the 16th century . The largest number of them lived in the city in the 1880s, when there were 138. The number gradually decreased. In 1942, these were the last ten families. The memorial itself is actually a restored path to the morgue, which is lined with over 50 stones , some with the names and fates of specific people, some are nameless in memory of those whose fates could not be mapped. The idea for it began in 2000 thanks to Michal Arend, whose grandfather belonged to the Jewish community in Chernivtsi.


Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust
Vodní 9
395 01 Černovice

  • GPS:49.380687 14.960422
  • Region:Highlands region
    Region:Pelhřimovsko – Vysočina west
    Tips for a trip:Černovice and surroundings


30 min. 1 hour


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