Be careful guys;

I just came back from Prague and it was a lovely city and I really liked it. The only bad experience we had was our visit to James Dean. Initially it seemed as an interesting place to go have something to eat but it wasn’t. When we initially turned up at the street there were actually several options in the neighborhood, and on the very same street, and none of the other places had any bouncers or visible forms of security.However James Dean, which had two entrances, had two comically looking roid heavy goblins with silly communication ear pieces at each door. We all thought WTF, what kind of place is this? We said hello to the goblins at one of the doors and said we would like to have something to eat. One of the goblins then followed us in and stated that we needed to check our bags in. These were small bags, so there was no real reason, so I said that we would happily pay the wardrobe fee but would like to keep our bags since we had valuables in them. The goblin then said, there is no fee but you must check in bags…, ok fine we thought and gave him our bags and got tickets back for 30 krona per bag he said, hold on didn’t you just say there was no fee? No fee for entry…., brilliant we thought.We then waited for the head waitress to seat us and once she showed up she said everything was full and there was nowhere to sit. We would have to wait at least 30 minutes if not more. We offered to have a seat at the bar and wait but all the seats were taken there as well. We bought wondered why the heck the goblin with the ear piece didn’t know the place was full, the ear piece was clearly only for show. She said there was a bar in the basement if we wanted to sit there, but there was no food there, she said. OK we thought let’s have a look and we could possibly wait for a table to become available. We walked down a spiral stair case and found ourselves in the basement… It was quite a contrast to the floor above with the girls in cute 50s inspired uniforms. This looked like a semi dank basement with a few tables you could stand around. There were a handful of people there so the place was mostly empty. At the far end there was a bar with 3-4 sweaty gay looking guys in white wife beaters, they were fooling around with a big dildo and having a good time (it seemed) all by themselves behind the bar. This was very off-putting so we decided to leave.. We went upstairs and got our bags which we paid 60 krona for 3 minutes. Luckily there was a really good Italian inspired restaurant around the corner and we had a great meal there. I asked around and it seems that the owner is a low level criminal but it still doesn’t explain why he would have these douche bags working at the door? There were mainly girls at the place, did they expect them to go berserk and trash the place? This display of douchiness was completely unnecessary. In my experience guys like this, including the owner will get put in their place and then things will get more relaxed and normal. Avoid this place

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