The remains of Košťálov Castle, visible from afar, can be found near Lovosice on a high basalt rock above Třebenice. The fascinating view from here is one of the most breathtaking in the Czech Central Highlands. Due to the presence of rare plant communities, the southern slopes of the mountain are a protected natural monument.

The ruins of the medieval castle Košťálov , visible from afar , are located on a 481.1 m high hill of a typical conical shape, rising directly above Třebenice. Thanks to the amazing view of the region that is offered from here, the Košťálov ruins belong to the most beautiful and also the most visited places in the Czech Central Highlands .

The castle consists of a small castle core , located on the top of the cliff, and a significantly larger forecourt, which was located on the plateau below. The core is made up of the best-preserved and essentially the only standing structure of the entire castle . These are the remains of a palace with a rectangular floor plan, from which the perimeter masonry has been preserved up to approximately the height of the first floor withremains of window and door openings . Originally, it was a multi-storey building, which was also surrounded by a perimeter wall. Behind the moat lay the forecourt with economic, operational and residential buildings, there was also the main castle gate. Today, however, you can find only small remains of the walls here .

Thanks to the rare thermophilic flora that inhabits the rocky southern slopes warmed by the sun, this part of the Košťálové mountain was declared a protected natural monument in 1960 . Among the protected species of plants, you will find here, for example, the spring sedge, the Czech meadowsweet, the leafless iris, the rock sedge and the thin-flowered blueberry. In addition, a large number of butterflies live here ( 606 species were documented here, e.g. honeysuckle bunting, fennel woodpecker, fruit woodpecker or rock goby) and 85 species of vertebrates (e.g. fragile blind, eared callus, common stilt, ermine weasel, etc.).

The castle can be accessed by the green tourist sign from the village of Vchynice , the unmarked road from the village of Košťálov, or the red road from nearby Sutomi.


Košťálov Castle
vrch Košťál
411 15 Jenčice
GPS: 50.490236 13.984760

Region: Usti Region
Region: Bohemian Central Highlands
Tips for a trip: Jenčice and surroundings


Information center Lovosice

Osvoboditelů 48/55
410 02 Lovosice
Tel.: +420 416 571 173

Admission Fee



1-3 hours


  1. Vrch Košťál, also known as Kostal Hill or Kostelec Hill, is located in the Czech Republic. It is the site of the Kostal Castle, a Gothic castle that dates back to the 14th century. The castle was originally built as a fortress to protect the surrounding area from invaders. Over the centuries, it has been expanded and renovated, and today it serves as a popular tourist destination and event venue.

    During the 15th century, the castle became the property of the powerful Kounic family, who rebuilt the castle in the Renaissance style. During the 17th century, the castle was owned by the noble Schlik family, who further expanded and remodeled the castle.

    During the World War II, the castle was seized by the Nazis and used as a Gestapo headquarters, after the war it was nationalized and used as a summer camp for children.

    In the late 20th century, the castle was restored to its original Gothic style and opened to the public as a museum. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction known for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and picturesque setting.


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