The Czech e-vignette is a digital toll sticker that drivers need to purchase in order to use the country’s highways. Here’s how to buy and use the Czech e-vignette:

Purchase the e-vignette: The e-vignette can be purchased online through the Czech Toll website or mobile app. Payment can be made using a credit card or other electronic payment methods. The e-vignette is available in different durations, ranging from 10 days to 1 year, and the price varies based on the duration.

Register your license plate: Once the e-vignette is purchased, drivers need to register their license plate number on the Czech Toll website or mobile app. This allows the system to identify the vehicle and ensure that the e-vignette is valid.

Install the e-vignette: The e-vignette is digital, so there is no physical sticker to install on the windshield. Instead, it is tied to the license plate number of the registered vehicle. Make sure that the license plate number is entered correctly, and that the e-vignette is activated before driving on the highways.

Here you can buy – E-vignette for Czech Republic

Drive on the highways: Once the e-vignette is purchased, registered, and activated, drivers can use the highways without stopping at toll booths. The e-vignette is valid for the selected duration, and drivers can renew or extend it online before it expires.

It’s important to note that driving on highways in the Czech Republic without a valid e-vignette can result in fines and other penalties. Therefore, it’s recommended to purchase the e-vignette in advance and ensure that it is activated before driving on the highways.



  1. Thanks a lot we used to pay cash at the desk and they were charging extra money! this information will be really useful


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