For the sixteenth time, giant sand sculptures have decorated the floodplain of the Otava River at the Stone Bridge in Písek. Their theme this year is the Central European partner cities of Písk. The deadline can be extended until 30/11/2022 (depending on external circumstances)

You can get to know the architectural landmarks, coats of arms and stories of Jičín, Deggendorf in Bavaria, Bad Leonfelden in Upper Austria, Wetzlar in Hessen and Veľký Krtíš in Slovakia. You can go to these places with the help of the story of the wanderings of Anička and the elf Pimon from the Písecké Mountains.

Above the sculptures on the Čechová Street promenade, you can see another exhibition “When the river is angry” – about the floods brought to Písek by the Otava River, the last time 20 years ago.


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