Swimming Spots Around Prague

Discover the Best Natural Swimming Locations for Locals and Tourists

Introduction to Prague’s Natural Swimming Spots

Prague, the heart of Central Europe, is renowned not only for its historical splendor but also for the charming natural swimming spots scattered around the city. These locations offer a refreshing escape from the urban hustle and are perfect spots for locals and tourists to cool off during the warm summer months.

What Makes Prague Ideal for Natural Swimming?

Prague’s geographical location is blessed with numerous lakes, rivers, and outdoor pools that are easily accessible from the city center. The region’s climate is typically continental, featuring warm summers which make swimming a popular activity from June through August.

Safety Tips for Swimming in Natural Settings

Before plunging into the natural waters around Prague, consider these safety tips:

  • Always swim in designated areas.
  • Check the water quality reports if available.
  • Be mindful of water currents and underwater hazards.

Lakes Near Prague: A Natural Escape

The lakes around Prague not only provide scenic beauty but also a plethora of recreational activities such as paddle boarding, fishing, and picnicking.

Hostivař Reservoir: A Local Favorite

Hostivař Reservoir is a prime spot for swimmers and sunbathers alike. Located in the southeast of Prague, it offers a well-maintained beach, clear water, and plenty of amenities including snack bars and boat rentals.

Lake Slapy: Watersports and Relaxation

Situated south of Prague, Lake Slapy is popular for both its leisure facilities and its water sports offerings. You can rent a boat, go windsurfing, or simply enjoy a swim in its refreshing waters.

Černé Jezero: The Deep Black Lake

For those seeking tranquility, Černé Jezero, or Black Lake, offers deep, clear waters surrounded by dense forests. It’s a bit further from Prague, but its serene environment makes it worth the journey.

River Swimming Near Prague

The rivers near Prague provide a dynamic swimming experience with the added beauty of flowing water and lush landscapes.

  Vltava River: Prague’s Lifeline

The Vltava River is not just Prague’s principal river but also a delightful spot for swimmers, especially around the Žluté lázně beach area, which is equipped with amenities for a comfortable day out.

  Berounka River: A Hidden Gem

The Berounka River, less crowded than the Vltava, offers peaceful spots suitable for swimming and relaxing by the water’s edge. Its clean and calm waters are ideal for families.

Outdoor Pools in Prague

For those who prefer swimming pools, Prague has several outdoor options that combine the convenience of a pool with the beauty of natural surroundings.

  Petynka Swimming Pool: A Family Friendly Spot

Located in the western part of Prague, Petynka Swimming Pool is known for its large and clean pool area, making it a favorite among families.

  Divoká Šárka: Swim in Natural Beauty

Divoká Šárka, a natural pool located within a valley, offers a unique swimming experience surrounded by rocky cliffs and greenery, creating a feeling of swimming in the wild.

FAQ on Swimming in Prague

What are the best times to visit these swimming spots?

Early morning or late afternoon are ideal to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more serene experience.

Are there any entry fees?

Some locations like managed lakes and pools may charge a nominal entry fee, while river spots are generally free.

What should I bring for a day out at these spots?

Essentials include swimwear, sunscreen, towels, and perhaps a picnic basket to make the most of your day.


Prague offers an array of natural swimming spots that promise delightful escapes from the city’s summer heat. Whether you prefer the quiet shores of a lake, the gentle flow of a river, or the lively atmosphere of an outdoor pool, there’s something in Prague for every swimmer.

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