1. Natural swimming pool Bílá voda near Chodov

The white water was created by reclamation after the mining of kaolin. From the beginning, however, efforts were made to create a recreational water area. The natural swimming pool can be found north of Chodov, it was created at the foot of the Smolnické dump (on the site of the former village of Smolnice).

2. Swimming pool Škorna in Vodňany

In the Škorna housing estate in Vodňany, you will find a modern swimming pool with slides, water attractions and heated stainless steel pools. In addition, the complex has a pump track, a natural biotope, a children’s playground with a soft impact surface, a universal sports field with guardrails, and a parkour course.

3. Swimming biotope Pilař in Votice

A natural swimming biotope, a chemical-free swimming pool, is located in Votice near the Pilař pond. The water in the tank is purified by plants and algae, without the addition of chemicals. Swimming is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

4. Otaslavice natural biotope

The village in Prostějovsk has opened a modernized natural swimming pool. Allergy sufferers do not have to worry about chemically treated water here.

5. Biotope Jemnica

The biotope in Jemnica is located on the site of the original water reservoir in the valley of the Želetavka river. Here you can enjoy clean water, water attractions (toboggan, slide) and there is also a shower, lockers, a beach volleyball court and the possibility of relaxing in the shade.

6. Sokolovské moré – natural swimming pool

Michal near Sokolov
Near Sokolov, on the site of a former lignite mine, you will find a modern water complex with many attractions, the Michal swimming pool. Interesting attractions for children and adults with a giant water slide, sports opportunities, great facilities and refreshments await visitors.

7. Summer water park in Klášterec nad Ohří

In summer, you can try the new water park in Klášterec nad Ohří. Water attractions are prepared for both large and small visitors. You can also try a modern attraction – aqua zorbing!

8. Náklo sand pit near Litovle

A large natural swimming pool located near Litovla – between Lhota nad Moravou and Nákle was created at the site of gravel sand mining. The flooded part has an area of ​​about 100 hectares and is up to 25 meters deep.

9.Rampa Quarry near Jeseník – beautiful swimming in clear water

One of the dominant and frequently visited forest quarries in Černá Voda, the main feature of which is a high perpendicular wall that is cut, by which you can easily distinguish this quarry from the others.

10. Kurovický quarry near Kroměříž

The natural monument Kurovický lom is located 1.5 km south of the village of Kurovice, west of the Křemenná hill (315 m above sea level), on the border of the Hornomoravský valley and the Hostýnské vrchy. On hot summer days, you can enjoy wonderful swimming here.

11.Sandworks Tušť near Suchdol nad Lužnicí

The surroundings of Suchdol nad Lužnicí offer many possibilities for swimming. The Tušť sandpit, which is located north of the village of Tušť, is especially suitable for children. In some places, the entrance to the water is very gradual.

12.Lake Barbora in Oldřichov near Teplice

The largest body of water in the surroundings of Teplice is the Barbora water reservoir, which was created by the flooding of the surface mine of the same name.

13.Bathing biotope in Radotín

The biotope swimming pool in Radotín consists of an artificial water reservoir with a natural appearance, which is cleaned biologically – without chemicals, only with the help of plants and ecosystems in filter lagoons. Swimming is suitable not only for families with small children, but also for allergy sufferers who would not mind the chlorine in a classic swimming pool.

Swimming pool Baden in Prague’s Štvanice

A traditional swimming pool has returned to Prague’s Štvanice island after many years. The return to swimming in the Vltava, popular especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, was made possible, among other things, by the improvement of the water quality in the river. Deckchairs, paddleboards, toilets, showers and refreshments are available for visitors.

Swimming pool Mšeno near Mělník

In the village of Mšeno near Mělník, you will find a small, more than 75-year-old, now renovated spa, which is a popular place for summer swimming.

Lake Podebrady

Swimming pool Jezero Poděbrady is a natural area near an excavated surface sand mine. The complex is located almost in the center and includes a parking lot for about 150 cars. The area has a natural nudist beach, sanitary facilities, showers, 5 bars with food and drinks.

Bečva natural bathing biotope

The bathing biotope Prostřední Bečva, located in the Beskydy Mountains, is a swimming pool that does not need any chemicals. A special tank planted with aquatic plants takes care of water purification.

Kotynka biotope in Dobřany

The largest Czech natural biotope Kotynka can be found in Dobřany, about 10 km from Pilsen. It is unique in its biological water purification using filter lagoons with aquatic plants and without chemical treatment. People with allergies can also swim here.

Natural bathing biotope Blovice

In Blovice in the Plzeň region, you will find a sports and relaxation area with a natural biotope, including the relevant facilities. Thanks to the natural filtration of the water, no chemical cleaners are used here, and bathing is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Jince natural bathing biotope

In Jince in the Příbram region you will find a swimming pool in the form of a water biotope. Specialists placed selected plants in the water, which clean the water themselves. It is therefore not necessary to add chemicals to it, which will be appreciated especially by those who cannot bathe in chlorinated water.

Blue natural biotope

The Modrá natural swimming pool is located in the Živá voda complex in the village of Modrá. In addition to getting to know life in and around water, with aquatic animals and plants of the Morava River, adjacent streams and pools, it is also possible to refresh yourself in a natural swimming pool with wading pool.

Malvína natural bathing biotope in Třešť

You will find a new natural swimming pool in Třešte in Jihlavsk. It is a natural biotope, no chemicals are poured into the water. The water is purified only by flowing through parts with sand and plants.

Natural water park at Šiklov mill

The bathing biotope is located in the area of ​​the western town Šiklův mlýn near Zvole nad Pernštejnem. Chemical preparations are not used to clean the water, but unwanted substances are removed using natural biological processes through the action of microorganisms and aquatic plants.

Pohoda natural bathing biotope in Sezimov Ústí

The bathing biotope with natural water purification is located in the beautiful natural meander of the Kozské brook in Sezimov Ústí.

Kovalovice natural bathing biotope

The first public bathing biotope of its kind in the Czech Republic. The swimming part is deep, in the next part there is a children’s wading pool with a water mushroom. Wooden piers and steps made of stone slabs are used to enter the water area.

Studénka bathing biotope

In Studénka, you can cool off during the summer in the area of ​​the bathing biotope, which was created on the site of the former municipal swimming pool.


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