Are you wondering where to go swimming with your four-legged pet? Finding a suitable place where dogs are allowed is not always easy.

That’s why we are bringing you several tips where access to the water with dogs is allowed or not prohibited. You can go to popular sand pits, to flooded quarries or to several water reservoirs. Here are the 13 of them!


Natural swimming pool Bílá voda near Chodov

The white water was created by reclamation after the mining of kaolin. From the beginning, however, efforts were made to create a recreational water area. The natural swimming pool can be found north of Chodov, it was created at the foot of the Smolnické dump (on the site of the former village of Smolnice).

Natural swimming in Prague’s Modřany

If you are one of the lovers of swimming in nature, be sure to try the pleasant grassy beaches in close proximity to the Vltava cycle path in Prague 4 Modřany.

Hamer Lake in Hamr na Jezera – Riviera of the North

Hamer Lake near Stráže pod Ralskem has been used for recreation since the mid-19th century. In addition to beautiful places for swimming, you will also find two campsites here. You will definitely recognize the lake thanks to the movie Holiday with an Angel.

Velké Dářko pond

The most famous pond in Ždárské vrchy is Velké Dářko. In addition to recreational facilities and campsites, you will also find a yachting club here. You can rent and try yachts, windsurfing or boats. With its area of ​​206 ha, Velké Dářko is the largest pond in the Czech-Moravian Vrchovina and in the Vysočina region.

The song Gigant and Malá Ceperka

On the road from Hradec Králové to Pardubice, between Starý Ždánice and Stéblová (behind the song Oplatil), there is the song Malá Čeperka. Since it is seven meters deep, it is also suitable for diving. Opposite you will also find the song Gigant.

Skalka dam near Cheb

The Skalka reservoir is located west of Cheb on the Ohři River. The tank was built in 1962-1964. The level of the reservoir is 9.2 km long and extends to the territory of neighboring Germany.

Veselské sand pits – swimming like by the sea

In the protected landscape area of ​​Třeboňsko, there are 240 ha of Veselské sand pits, which lie between Veselí nad Lužnicí and the villages of Horusice and Vlkov. Five separate lakes were formed after the mining of gravel and sand between 1952 and 1986.


Wonderful swimming at the Laguna Hotel

If you are looking for a quiet place to spend a pleasant day by the water, head to Slapy in the village of Nebřich. At Hotel Laguna you will find a hidden free beach where you can just laze on the grass or rent a motor boat or pedal boat.

Sandworks Sadská

Just a 20-minute drive from Prague, there is a very pleasant environment for recreation with crystal clear water, perfect for sunbathing on sandy beaches or lying in the shade of pine forests. Swimming here is especially popular with families with children. However, there is also a dedicated beach for naturists and a volleyball court.

Štít natural reservoir near Chlumec nad Cidlinou

Štíty natural reservoir with an area of ​​7 ha with a sandy bottom. The water area consists of three lakes (sand pits) connected to each other, which are located in a pleasant environment of a pine forest, near Chlumec nad Cidlinou, between the villages of Pamětník and Štít.

Slapy Reservoir – enjoy swimming and water sports

So far, the fifth largest dam in the Czech Republic is the Slapy Dam, built in 1950. In addition to water sports such as sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, but also swimming, the dam is used by boat traffic.

Baraba Quarry – a complex of flooded sand pit lakes

A natural flooded sand pit with sandy banks is located near the village of Vliněves near Mělník.

Swimming in the Mariánské údolí in Brno

In Brno, you can go swimming in the Mariánské údolí. This place is much calmer than the Brno Dam. Visitors can choose from several reservoirs here.

Lake Křenek in Polabí

Křenecké Lake was created by sand mining. After mining ended, the lake with crystal clear water gradually became a well-known recreational area of ​​Křenek-Ovčary. The lake is surrounded on three sides by fields and the rest by forest, the adjacent beaches are sandy.

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Staňkovský pond – the longest pond in the Czech Republic

Not far from Chlum u Třeboň, near the state border of the Czech Republic and Austria, the level of the Staňkovský pond extends over the territory of the Třeboňsko Protected Area. The seventh largest pond in the Czech Republic by area was created by damming the Koštěnický stream near the village of Staňkova.


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