The late Gothic Cuknštejn fortress stands at the end of the romantic Terčina valley. It is one of the most well-preserved lordly residences in the Czech lands and at the same time it is a rare example of a transition link between a feudal fortress and a manor castle.

Cuknštejn belongs to is the best-preserved medieval fortresses. The fortress probably stood as early as the 14th century, but its present appearance comes from the generous late Gothic reconstruction of Vilém of Michnice from the end of the 1580s.

In the years 1496-1545, the owner of the estate and fortress was Oldřich Pouzar from Michnice, a high-ranking land official and an active participant in the political life of his time. During his tenure, Zuknštejn was probably expanded again. Later, Cuknštejn was owned by different owners. In 1620, Emperor Ferdinand II. donated to Charles Bonaventure Buquoy . The Buquoy family owned the fortress, which they used to house their employees, until 1945.

The dominant feature of the ruin is the octagonal tower, which encloses a small yard together with residential buildings. A wooden drawbridge originally led across the castle moat, now partially filled in, which surrounded the entire building . The fortress was smaller than the classic manor castles, but it was more spacious and more refined than the fortresses typical of the 14th century. In many ways, it indicates a transition to newer, more comfortable and more decorative residences. It is not without interest that the fortress became the filming location of the TV series Long Live the Knights – in the movie it was improved only by a gate and a tower.

Cuknštejn can be accessed by an unmarked road from the village of Světví (about 0.5 km) or by a red sign passing through the Terčín údolí (about 3.5 km from the main gate and 2 km from Horní Stropnice).


Fortress Zuknštejn
Valley 152
373 33 Nové Hrady

GPS: 48.775409 14.750566

Region: South Bohemian region
Region: Novohradsko – Doudlebsko
City: New Castles
Tips for a trip: New Castles and surroundings

Opening hours

Note: The fortress can be accessed by phone arrangement.


1-3 hours


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