The Jewish cemetery is located on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav, in the area below the castle, on a slope by the old road to Prague. Due to its historical value, the Mladá Boleslav Jewish cemetery is one of the most valuable Jewish cemeteries in the Central Bohemia region, along with the Cologne and Brandy cemeteries.

The oldest dated tombstone in the entire complex dates from 1604 . The reconstruction, however, revealed stelae (that’s the name of the classic type of slab tombstone) at the access road, which, according to the first indications, are undoubtedly even older.

The cemetery grounds include an octagonal ceremonial hall from 1889, a First Republic mortuary building from 1937, and a mortuary house , which is used as an administrator’s apartment. In the interior of the ceremonial hall, the original reading desk and Hebrew and Czech inscriptions on the walls have been preserved. The morgue is again unique in its architecture. Functionalist style, in which it is built, made its mark in the construction of family villas or public buildings of a different nature. In addition, inside the mortuary, a ceremonial table was rarely preserved , on which the body of the deceased was prepared for the funeral ritual.


Information center Mladá Boleslav

293 01 Mladá Boleslav

  • GPS:50.406443 14.902667Region:Central Bohemian Region
    Region:Pojizerí and Polabí
    City:Mlada Boleslav
    Tips for a trip:Mladá Boleslav and surroundings

Opening hours

Note: Accessible daily except Saturdays and other Jewish holidays. The key is available for a refundable deposit at the Mladá Boleslav Infocentre, the Mladoboleslavska Museum or the cemetery administrator.


Free enterance


1-2 hours


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