Data provided by the Czech National Tourisim information reveals that a total of 19.5 million tourists visited the Czech Republic last year, thus marking an increase of 71 per cent compared to 2021.

In spite of such an increase, the number of tourists is still 12 per cent less than before the pandemic

Compared to 2019, the Czech Republic welcomed 9% more domestic tourists in 2022. At the same time, amongst the number of travellers that the country hosted 12.1 or 62.2 per cent of Czech were female tourists, and 7.3 million or 37.8 per cent were foreign visitors. Aside from Czechs, the largest number of tourists from border countiries consisted of Germans, Slovaks and Poles.

In this regard, the director of the Czech National Tourist Board Jan Herget said that as far as internal tourism is concerned, it was led by local tourists, where last year 12,109,732 of them traveled around the country, which means nine per cent more than 2019.

“Last year, Germans, Slovaks and Poles visited us the most. However, tourists from Asia were still missing. We are working on long-distance direct flight connections with Asia, the first “swallow” means the resumption of direct flights Prague – Seoul from March 27, 2023,” he also added.

Data show that in 2022, Germany sent 1.8 million tourists to Czechia, followed by Slovakia with 780,000 and Poland with 615,000.

In addition, the fourth greatest tourist market was the United States of America, with 372,000 tourists, followed by Great Britain, with 316,000 visitors.

Based on data from the Czech National Tourisim, the cities most visited by tourists last year were Prague and the region of South Moravia. The same source said that last year was successful for Prague after more than ten years since, during these years, it has also held first place in terms of population.

Further data shows that foreign tourists chose to visit the Karlovy Vary region, while domestic tourists were more interested in the Hradec Králové region.

At the beginning of this year, in order to promote inbound tourism in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain and Sweden, an online campaign was launched with the theme of ski holidays, winter cities and Valentine’s Day, Chrismas markers, and summer activities.


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