Falkenštejn, or Falcon Castle, whose ruins can be visited in beautiful Bohemian Switzerland, one kilometer from Jetřichovice, was founded at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The torso of the rock castle offers beautiful views of Saxon Switzerland.

At the top of the rock, the carved remains of a chamber and a chapel have been preserved to this day . The above-ground parts of the castle were made of wood, so nothing has survived from them to this day. The access road leads to the upper surface through a gap between the rocks.

The main object of the castle was probably a wooden residential tower and a spacious hall . It was connected to a chapel, in which a stone altar can be seen on a rounded chancel. The still visible cistern supplied the castle with water. In 1852, Vilemína Kinská had the access to the castle and the entire area modified for tourism. At the same time, many arrows, spurs, clay shards were found, and in the cistern a spear with a stamp. The torso of the rock castle offers beautiful views of Saxon Switzerland.

The best way to get to Falkenštejn is from Jetřichovice by following the yellow tourist sign. In autumn 2017, the reconstruction of the access stairs to the castle was completed. The construction not only ensures safe access to the top, but also protects the castle against erosion caused by visitors. The access roads are also modified and there are metal ladders in some sections prone to erosion. Their steps form walking grates that are anti-slip and at the same time allow the growth of vegetation underneath. Thanks to the modification of the original access road , a circular route was created , so the flow of visitors can be divided. In the future, there could be informational and educational elements on the circuit.


Municipal office of Jetřichovice
Jetřichovice 24
407 16 Jetřichovice

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GPS: 50.854699 14.405673

Region: Usti Region
Region: Czech Switzerland
City: Jetrichovice
Tips for a trip: Jetřichovice and surroundings

Admission Fees

Price:  free

Duration Time

1-3 hours


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