Behind the town of Ivančice is an extensive Jewish cemetery with Gothic and Renaissance tombs. The Ivančicky Jewish cemetery is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic after the Prague and Cologne ones.

The oldest tombstone dates back to 1552. Currently, the Jewish cemetery is under the care of the city as a cultural monument and is accessible every year in September for the European Heritage Days .

Jewish merchants visited the trade centers of the Great Moravian Empire, and one of the important markets of the Great Moravian Empire was the Ivangrad fortress on the crest of the Rhine ridge. After the burning of the castle in 1146 by Vladislav II. a city was established in the valley below the Réna, where Jews also settled. The Jews were apparently later involved in the construction of the medieval walls and this also explains why they were allowed to move from the suburbs to the city for their protection.


Cultural and information center Ivančice
Palacký nám. 9
664 91 Ivančice


Jewish cemetery
GPS:49.105371 16.375058

Region:South-Moravian region
Region:Brno and surroundings
Tips for a trip:Ivančice and surroundings


1-4 hours


  1. Jewish cemeteries are places where Jewish individuals are buried according to Jewish tradition and customs. They may also be used as a place of gathering and remembrance for the deceased’s family and community. Is there anything else I can help with?


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