The original medieval castle, extended in the 16th century to a Renaissance chateau, became the property of the famous Thirty Years War commander, Albrecht von Wallenstein in 1622, He turned it into the centre of his extensive Frýdlant duchy. The last noble owners were the Clam-Gallas, who opened the castle already in 1801 to the public; Frýdlant therefore became the oldest castle museum in Central Europe. Castle interiors can be seen (mementos from Albrecht von Wallenstein, the Knight’s Hall with portraits of the Gallas and Clam-Gallas owners, armoury, estate office, collection of historic pipes), as well as chateau interiors (state rooms, ladies’ and gentlemen’s rooms, children’s room, bathroom, kitchens). All the rooms are furnished with the original furniture, paintings, porcelain and other items. The Renaissance Chapel of St. Anne is also part of the tour. Occasionally the tours are enlivened by guides in costume, cake baking in the kitchens, concerts etc.

Frýdlant is one of the most visited historical buildings in the Czech Republic. From the original Gothic castle, it was rebuilt over the centuries into a vast Renaissance castle with rich decorations and extensive collections of immense historical and artistic value.

Frýdlant is one of the largest and most important monuments in northern Bohemia. It combines two architectural formations: a medieval castle and a Renaissance castle . The castle was built around the middle of the 13th century.

Frýdlant Castle and Chateau – the oldest exposition in Central Europe

You can see the interiors of the castle as well as the interiors of the chateau , which are offered to visitors in separate circuits. All rooms are equipped with original furniture , paintings, porcelain and other accessories. The tour also includes the Renaissance castle chapel of St. Anne. The entrance to the castle area is the same as two hundred years ago via a drawbridge. From the Swedish courtyard, the path continues up to the large castle courtyard and from there it climbs up a steep path to the castle. The Frýdlant Tower is also accessible separately . New in 2022 is the division of the tour route into two circuits: “Castle” and “Castle”.

Tour routes 2022

Frýdlant Castle – the route takes the visitor through the Upper Castle, which is the oldest part of the Frýdlant area. The last owners opened it to the public as early as 1801. Twenty rooms introduce visitors to all the families that have owned Frýdlant over the course of seven centuries. The entire route is dominated by a large knight’s hall with an ancestral gallery, an armory, a banquet hall or a large collection of employee uniforms. The completely preserved uniform of Marshal Radetzky is also unique in Europe. A fully equipped route leads through two castle floors.

Frydlant Castle– the route takes you through the richly furnished castle and the history of the last owners of Clam Gallas. A fully equipped tour route maps the castle and its 24 accessible rooms on all its floors. It starts on the ground floor in the castle kitchen and leads through the representative and private rooms of the men’s and women’s floors to the attic, which was reserved for children and servants. The tour concludes with a visit to the unique castle chapel. Among the most beautiful rooms are the Great Dining Room and Armorial Hall, the entire ladies’ floor with a long enfilade and an absolutely unique castle bathroom.

Weapons, armor and knights – the second castle floor, where the large castle armory is deposited. In nine rooms, you can view weapons from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, including weapons from the Orient. The tour ends with a visit to the castle tower with a view.

Children’s tour – introduces children to the operation of the castle in a simple way, explains what the family’s coat of arms was for, who served and lived in the castle, and introduces the premises of the Kastelán wing. Children will meet the unusual pet of the daughters of the last owners, walk up the ceremonial staircase and visit the private parts that were inhabited by the last owner of the estate. The tour will end in the children’s room, where they will see the castle children’s toys.

Exposition of the Frydlant treasure

In 2017, during the clearing of the castle pond, a collection of 42 mostly gold coins from the 16th and 17th centuries was found , which were hidden in the pond by an unknown person about 370 years ago, right at the end of the Thirty Years’ War. According to archaeologists , it is a property of considerable value . Such coins were used for payments of larger amounts, they were not ordinary coins that were used in the market. These are 36 ducats and two-ducats in gold , five half-tolar and one quarter-tolar are made of silver. Circulation was commonly used in Frýdlant and its surroundings and could be used to buy a large amount of livestock or real estate .

The treasure became part of a new exhibition at the castle. The oldest dated coin from the hoard is the Hungarian ducat of Ferdinand I from 1528, and the youngest coins date from 1642. Most of them were minted outside Czech territory , the most distant coin is a two-ducat from Seville, Spain, many coins come from the Netherlands. However, coins are not the only thing that the pond has issued over the centuries. In the new exhibition, you can see, for example, a revolver from the end of the 19th century , cartridges, fragments of ceramics and wooden artifacts from the mill drive . A tour of the new exposition with the treasure will cost 60 crowns .

From the history of the castle and chateau

In 1278, the estate was acquired by the Bibrštejn family , who significantly participated in the construction of the massive castle palace. In the years 1558 – 1621, Frýdlant belonged to the Reder family . They continued to improve the Frýdlat manor. They were skilled householders and warriors, but also builders and supporters of the arts. Their work is the construction of a new Renaissance castle and chapel.

Between 1622 and 1634 it belonged to Frýdlant Albrecht of Valdštejn . He bought it for 150,000 guilders and gradually built up a huge economic domain. His estates boomed during the 30 Years War as they supplied his army. Frýdlantska was called Terra felix – Happy land . In 1801 the then owners Clam-Gallasmade a part of the castle accessible to the public and thus the first castle and castle museum in Central Europe was created.

Travel without barriers

For visually impaired and blind people, the castle and chateau offers a haptic floor plan model of the castle and chateau, it is located in the visitor center so that visitors can touch it and thus get a better idea of ​​the place where it is located.


Frýdlant castle and chateau
Zámecká 4001
464 01 Frýdlant

Tel.: +420 482 312 130


WWW: www.zamek-frydlan…

GPS: 50.915096 15.083957

Region: Liberec region
Region: Giant Mountains
City: Frýdlant

Opening hours

1.4. – 30.4.
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 15:00

1.5. – 31.5.
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

June – August
1.6. – 31.8.
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00 – 17:00

1.9. – 30.9.
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

1.10. – 31.10.
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 15:00

Admission Enterance Fees

Price:  180 CZK

Reduced price:  140 CZK

The entrance fee for the route through the castle and the route through the castle have the same entrance fee. Weapons, armor and knights: 150/120 CZK.


1-3 hours


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