Repro fotografie z místního židovského hřbitova.

The Jewish cemetery is located in Neratovicka street. It was founded in 1594 and is thus one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. However, the oldest gravestones date back to the second half of the 19th century, because the older ones were destroyed.

The only access to the cemetery area was through the former ceremonial hall and funeral fraternity house No. 45. During the reconstruction of the cemetery, part of the perimeter wall in Neratovická Street had to be demolished and a new wrought-iron gate was built.

There are around 300 tombstones in the cemetery . The cemetery is locked, but the key can be borrowed thanks to the telephone contact listed at the gate. Since 1999, the complex has been under the care of the Jewish community in Prague.


Jewish cemetery
277 13 Kostelec nad Labem

  • Region:Central Bohemian Region
    Region:Mělnicko – Kokořínsko
    City:Kostelec nad Labem
    Tips for a trip:Kostelec nad Labem and surroundings

Admission Enterance Fees

Price:  free


1-4 hours

Repro fotografie z místního židovského hřbitova.

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