The Jewish cemetery in Olomouc is part of the Central Cemetery. You can therefore visit it at any time during the opening hours of the cemetery.

In 1867, a Jewish cemetery was established in the neighborhood of the Catholic and Evangelical cemeteries in today’s Smetana Sady . Burials here ended in 1900. A small part of the gravestones was transferred to the new cemetery in Neředín.

Today, therefore, the only monument of the Jewish community in Olomouc is the Jewish section of the communal cemetery on Míru Street in the Neředín district . In the area established in 1900, the Jewish cemetery occupies the eastern sector. The entrance to the new Jewish cemetery is dominated by a Neo-Gothic ceremonial hall , the facade of which is decorated with a metal Star of David and the faint remains of a Hebrew inscription. Commemorative plaqueswith the names of 1,520 Jewish victims of the Second World War from Olomouc, originally located in its interior, were transferred to the vestibule of the prayer hall at Komenského 7 .

The area of ​​the cemetery contains around one thousand gravestones , from completely simple stelae to exhibition tombs. Tombstones of the modern type with austere decoration with German and Czech inscriptions are usually made of granite, marble and artificial stone. Magnificent tombs are located near the ceremonial hall . The cemetery is surrounded by a brick wall, the paths are lined with mature trees and is generally kept in very good condition.

On both sides of the cemetery there are memorials to the victims of World War I, including the graves of 48 soldiers who died in the military hospital in Klášterní Hradisk. At the end of the row of trees stands the stone monument to the martyrs of Nazism from Olomouc, unveiled on October 23, 1949. The monument to martyrs of the Jewish faith and the ceremonial hall of the cemetery are protected as monuments.

You can visit the Jewish cemetery during the opening hours of the Central Cemetery. You can get to the place by trams number 2 and 7 and buses with numbers 26 and 41 .


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