The synagogue built in the Assyrian-Babylonian style is the only one of its kind in Central Europe. This unique synagogue includes the Old Jewish Cemetery from the 17th century, with tombstones in Aramaic and Hebrew, and the New Jewish Cemetery from 1866. The oldest surviving tombstone dates from 1692.

The suburban Jewish quarter in Nové Cerkva is located in the northern part of the town in the vicinity of Rubešova Street. We can still see the synagogue, the Jewish cemeteries, the almshouse and the factory of the Šling brothers here. Although there was not a very large Jewish population in Nové Cerekva, a remarkable synagogue was built here, which has survived to this day. The building by the architect Štěpán Walser replaced the older wooden synagogue in 1855. The builder chose a neo-Romanesque style, unusual in the Central European area, imitating Assyrian-Babylonian architecture . The exceptional synagogue is thus the only one of its kind in Central Europe .

The massive one-nave building boasts two massive prismatic towersin the western facade, which is decorated with false battlements and loopholes. The sides of the nave are punctuated by two rows of gallery arcades above each other. Above the vestibule is a tribune. Access to the gallery is via a spiral staircase on the right side of the entrance. On the east side, the remains of a portal altar with a cabinet box for the torah have been preserved . Behind the altar is a shallow, semi-circular niche with a small circular window, above the wooden almemor and the Torah box, the double stone tablets of Moses’ Ten Commandments have been preserved .

The devastation of the synagogue occurred during World War II, when the German army liquidated the interior. After the deportation of the Jews to a concentration camp in 1942, their property was stored in the synagogue, which was shared by German citizens and so-called “national guests”. The equipment of the General and Municipal Schools was also moved into the synagogue. Currently, the owner of the synagogue is the Prague Jewish Community   . Since spring 2014, thanks to the 10 Stars project, a new permanent exhibition focused on the architecture of synagogues in the Czech lands has been opened here . The main focus of the exhibition is devoted to the basic arrangement of synagogue monuments, their internal arrangement and decoration as evidence of the development of architectural styles in the territory of the Czech Republic in the period from the 13th to the 20th century.


The town of Nová Cerekev
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