Mahler’s gardens are located directly under the Žižkov transmitter, in close proximity to the Jewish cemetery. The park was created in the late 1950s at the expense of part of this cemetery. Later, the orchards met a similar fate, when the Žižkov transmitter was built in their center.

The cemetery was founded in 1680 as a plague burial ground for Prague’s Jewish community . Burials began here again in the 18th century, regularly from 1787. The cemetery served until 1890, when a new Jewish cemetery was established.

After World War II, the cemetery ceased to be maintained and began to deteriorate and gradually become overgrown. It was largely demolished in the early 1960s and later turned into a park – the Mahler Gardens . However, the oldest part of the cemetery was preserved and was later separated from the park by a wall. Tombstones with prominent Jewish personalities can still be found in this section .

The original cemetery well building with a commemorative plaque from 1792 and a number of interesting tombstones have also been preserved. In the second half of the 1980s, a television transmitter tower was built in the park area , which offers not only a view of the entire cemetery , but also an unforgettable view of the entire city.


Old Jewish cemetery in Žižkov – Jewish community in Prague

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