The castle of the same name dominates the town of Šternberk on the edge of Nízké Jeseník. This Moravian castle became the cradle of the Moravian branch of the Šternberk family and subsequently also the property of other important families – lords from Kravař, Berks from Dubá, princes from Minsterberk and Lichtenštejn.

The castle offers a tour of three sightseeing circuits in the summer tourist season and visits to various events throughout the year.

Šternberk Castle was founded in the middle of the 13th century by Zdeslav from Chlumec and from Šternberk, a member of an old Bohemian noble family. Remains of the fortifications, walls of the main palace and also a massive round tower have been preserved from the original building .

The castle offers visitors a unique collection of Italian and Nordic early Renaissance paintings as well as examples of Dutch and Flemish Baroque painting . The originals of some of the exhibited works are also admired in world galleries – the Hermitage in St. Petersburg or the Louvre in Paris .

You can also view noble interiors of past centuries or a rare collection of Gothic and Renaissance wooden sculptures , such as the relief of the Passion of St. Kunhuty is one of the oldest surviving Renaissance woodcarvings in Moravia. A glimpse into the life of modern nobility at the beginning of the 20th century is presented through hot air heating, bathrooms and a dining elevator. An art nouveau passenger elevator is also an interesting monument . There is a unique clock museum

in the basement of the castle . You can enhance the experience of visiting the castle by walking in the castle forest park , which was created in 1907-1909 by the Viennese architect Albert Esche.

Visit Duration Time

1-3 hours


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